All the student activities are handled by student affairs department. Students' affairs department of ATVI is a connection bridge between all departments. It always tries to create a professional organizing process & concerned discipline inside educational society of ATVI. Students' affairs department has a proper management system which prevents unexpected event and accident.

The main responsibility of this department is the performing of all rules & regulations of TVET of Ministry of Education which is sent to be considered and obeyed by educational centers. Mentioned department is making agenda of top management heads for bringing necessary changes based on instructors and academic members’ suggestions. It helps to maintain a skillful and quality based education system.

This department is responsible for issuing of graduates certificates & diplomas. Cooperating, coordinating and organizing of each year entrance exam is the focal activity of this department as well. The mentioned examination process is consisting of many related tasks such as: preparing, distribution, registration of new comers' card and documents, data entering of entrance exam participants in special database system, designing of new comers' files and documents, processing result sheets, announcement of exam result and many more academic papers related to the current graduates of ATVI.

All other routine activities based on cooperation and coherence with Ministry of Education is also included in job performance of students' affairs department.


Student Affairs Manager
Haseebullah Hesham
+93(0) 700 20 90 48


Student affairs' department is a connecting bridge between all deparments.

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